Police detain Kenya-bound ship from Kismayu port

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Police have detained a Mombasa-bound ship that sailed from the Somalia port from Kismayu. They also detained Kenyan and Tanzanian crew of the Kenyan-registered vessel that had sailed into Kilifi’s port. Police say the Tanzanians are deemed to have entered Kenya illegally aboard the ship.

Officials have divulged little information about the full details of MV Nassim, which was said to have diverted to Kilifi en route to Mombasa after running out of fuel in the high seas off the Kilifi coast. It is not clear when the vessel was detained but The Standard has established its crew has already been charged with various crimes; and that the vessel has not been allowed to leave the small port. Reports indicate the vessel was set to sail to Mombasa old port late last week.

Crew members aboard the ship claimed they were forced to sail to Kilifi port after their vessel ran out of fuel.

Kilifi police boss Alexander Makau confirmed the seizure of the ship and said five crew members had already been taken to court with custom-related cases. The suspects were charged with various offences including being in possession of uncustomed goods and sailing a defective vessel.

The two Tanzanians were charged with being in Kenya illegally. CREW MEMBERS Maritime expert Andrew Mwangura confirmed the incident and said some of the crew members were released on a Sh50,000 bail.

“Yes I am aware about five sailors who were arrested at Kilifi port last week when their vessel docked at the port with some goods including some bags of sugar and rice,” said Mr Mwangura. Those arrested and released on bond include Harry Bakari, who is out on a police bond of Sh50,000.

“When a I spoke to Harry he confirmed that he had been released on bond and is expected to report at Kilifi police station today, he said. Others arrested include Juma Waziri, Abdalla Bakari and two Tanzanians identified as a Mr Ali and a Mr Hassan, who were arraigned in a Kilifi court. Meanwhile police in Kwale have arrested two suspected poachers with 59 kilograms of elephant tusks worth Sh1.9 million.

The suspects identified as Antony Menza Kuza and Rai Mdune Chaka were arrested at Mnagoni in Kinango, Kwale County.
were arrested by police officers from Taru who posed as buyers after they got a tip-off.

Following the tip-off, investigation officer Job Juma deployed police officers to pose as buyers. The officers convinced the traders to drive to a spot 500 metres away from the police station where the ivory would be weighed. Detectives then pounced on the two, who are expected in court today.

Source – Standard Digital