Somali refugees arrested at border, Kenya-Somalia

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Some 22 Somali refugees have been arrested illegally crossing into Kenya from Uganda. Lorugum Police Station Officer Commanding Station Charles Rono said the six women accompanied by their 16 children were arrested at Lokiriama border point.

He said drivers of the two vehicles that had Uganda’s registration numbers were also arrested. He said the six had passports either issued in Kenya or Somalia adding that the drivers were all Ugandans suspected to be sneaking in refugees into the country illegally.

“The refugees are expected to be stationed at their specific refugee camps. When they are traveling to other places they are supposed to be issued with travel documents that they should produce on request.” Rono said.

He said the drivers sped off when officers on patrol at the Kenya-Uganda border tried to stop them. They were later stopped by the officers manning the Lokiriama. Somali refugees residing in Dadaab and Kakuma Refugee Camp are not allowed to travel without official documents.

Source – Standard Digital