Hundreds turn out for Fursad Fund inaugural job fair in Mogadishu

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Hundreds of wide-eyed and eager young Somali’s filled City Palace Hotel in Mogadishu Thursday morning for a chance to connect with local businesses and seek employment advice.’

The two-day event is the first time Fursad Fund, an independent trust fund, held a job fair in Mogadishu.

The event was organized in order to give young educated Somali’s an opportunity to network and meet with employers looking for new hires in various industries. Among the businesses represented at the job fair are notable names in banking such as Dahaabshiil, Premier bank and IBS bank; as well as internet service providers and advertising agencies, Somcast and Daaus.


The event also taught job seekers how to properly look for a job, create a professional CVS (Resume) and cover letter, in addition to preparing them for job interviews.

Abdi Barud, executive director of the Global Somali Diaspora, and one of the lecturers at the job fair told participants that ” “You must have 3 qualities for you to find a job: proactiveness, preparation & cooperation .

The Somali economy has made positive developments since the establishment of government authority in Mogadishu as companies have either opened or reopened. Although the economy is geared towards construction and infrastructure, the retail and service industry have made strides recently.

Unemployment and underemployment are serious problems as Somalia has among the highest rates in the world. Countless reports indicate this to be the main push factor for irregular migration or tahreeb among Somali youths as they head abroad at the prospect of finding employment.