HirShabelle residents share thoughts on the Upper House election

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Residents of Jowhar, the administrative capital of the newly created HirShabelle State expressed satisfaction with the manner in which the recent election of the Upper House representatives was conducted.

Somali Police, with the backing of AMISOM Police, remained vigilant at the polling centers to ensure that the exercise went on in a peaceful and secure environment, leaving no room for disruption.

Representatives of the National Women Organization say they were pleased with how the HirShabelle parliament effectively considered the 30% quota for women representation.

Below is what the residents had to say:

Many women in Jowhar feel the election of two women as part of the eight representatives of the upper house sets a good precedent for HirShabelle. They are now hopeful that women will also get fair representation in the Lower House elections.

HirShabelle was the last regional administration formed as part of the Somali government’s effort to federate the country ahead of the presidential election to be held later this month. Residents say they are happy that HirShabelle has successfully finished the process of electing members of the Upper House against many odds.

HirShabelle is expected to finish the process of selecting the delegates for all the Electoral Colleges and then start the process of electing members of the House of the People.

Source –  AMISOM