Emirates Red Crescent distributes Iftar Meal to hundreds of Somali poor families Pictures

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Emirates Red Crescent is distributing Iftar Meals in its 21th day in Mogadishu to the poor And IDPs in the capital.

Todays’ distribution 400 people received the Iftar meals, which live in four districts in Benadir Region.

The distribution of Emirates Red Crescent Aided since the beginning of holy month of Ramadan more than 8400 families ,who consist of internally displaced persons and poor families who desperately in need of Iftar meals during the Holly month of Ramadan.

Each family received cooked meal includes rice, pasta, meat, drinking water, bur and Sambusa. Every day four districts in Benadir receive these items.

Emirates Red Crescent while it works with commissioners of districts, every afternoon it donates cooked meal to the IDPs, poor families and disabled persons.

Emirates Red Crescent from our brothers of UAE noted that it always stands with and support Somalia’s vulnerable people and will continue its care to the Somalia population.

The beneficiaries of the Iftar meals acknowledged and commended to the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, to its tireless generosity to Somalis.



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